Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Keep Driving! but go potty first, and take string cheese for the kids

The Seattle Times today ran a massive story on the "tricky traffic" to be expected with numerous constructions projects and road closures over the weekend.  The story quoted extensively from the Washington State Department of Transportation website, giving details of every inconvenience to be expected when driving.  Also quoted were several WSDOT tips for getting through this horrible weekend:
"The state has even gone so far as to provide tips on putting together a "traffic buster" survival kit. Suggested contents include: string cheese for the kids, toilet paper, flares, emergency kits, "a venti Starbucks coffee" and music to help the driver tune out frustrations. The tips can be found on the department's Facebook page"
What's missing?

Has WashDOT ever heard of transit?  Light Rail? Bikes?  Car pools?  Ferries? Walking?

I went to Metro's website to see if bus travel was going to be disrupted by the horrors reported in the Times.  Instead, what I found was an announcement that there will be special shuttle bus service to the Seahawks game this weekend:

How did WashDOT and the Times manage to miss this critical piece of information?  In WashDOT's favor, I did get an email back from their representative Jamie Holter, acknowledging that they had missed a couple of things.  Jamie says she checked to see if there was going to be extra Sound Transit Sounder service to the game.  She didn't think to check for Metro service.

But even without special added service, there would still be buses and Light Rail for anyone wanting to travel.  There is no excuse for those who call themselves "Washington Department of Transportation" to act as if transportation just means "drive by yourself in your car."

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