Monday, February 14, 2011

Nice touches for bicycling

I wouldn't want to give the impression that the Transportation Nag does nothing but complain. The Nag also notices with delight that there is evidence bikes and public transportation are being taken seriously and integrated into the life of our cities. For example, look at this beautiful sign! A major public utilities project in my neighborhood blocked a section of a designated bike route (not even a separate bike lane, just a marked route) - and somebody thought to give bicyclists a detour sign!

Or look at this - a sign warning that bikes will need to merge with traffic when a bike lane ends suddenly. I always wondered what was supposed to happen - am I supposed to disappear along with the bike lane? Or fly?

Just little signs that bicycles are expected and welcome. Nice to see.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much of a blogger

Hmm - I'm a little slow catching on to how this blogging thing works! I just NOW realized that my comments on linked to this Blog - and a few people have actually looked over here. Maybe it's time to post a few things - like a link to this sweet little video about the Transportation Nag created by Takes awhile to figure this stuff out when you still have a phone at home with a dial!

City notices Light Rail

A year ago Christmas, our City acquired a Light Rail line that connects the airport with the downtown retail core. It's less than 20 miles total, and it's at least 30 years overdue, but it's a lovely start. So wouldn't you think the City would be proud of this? Sadly, no - the City's webpage for visitors gives transportation information for people arriving by car (of course), by rail, by ferry and by air - but the information for air travelers said nothing about the shiny new Light Rail!
Fortunately it took only a quick in-person Nag to the City's webmaster, who I encountered at the City's recent open house. The next day a brightly highlighted link appeared on the page. Thank you webmaster!