Monday, July 19, 2010

Bell Harbor Conference Center responds to the Nag

The Bell Harbor Conference Center sits right on the bike path that runs along the Seattle Waterfront from below the Pike Market through the Olympic Sculpture Park and on to the Elliott Bay park and the public fishing pier. I attended a public health conference there once, and was distressed to find no visible bike parking. I checked the "directions" on their website, and found nothing but driving-by-car directions.

In my usual nagging mode, I wrote a detailed email to the webmaster, suggesting a number of improvements. It is not unusual for webmasters to respond positively to these suggestions. What was unusual in this case, however, is that I got a personal phone message from a facilities director, her voice radiating positive enthusiasm, thanking me for the wonderful suggestions and promising to follow up.

Today I checked their website - and it's true - the whole "Directions" page has been revamped.

There's even a whole paragraph about how to walk to Bell Harbor from Downtown - as well as a list of bus routes that serve the area, with links to the bus schedules.

Check it out:

My only ongoing beef is that the website still gives driving directions first. I think drivers should have to scroll through the walking, biking and transit directions to find what they're looking for. In the process they might find themselves educated.

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